Wedding Bliss!!!

Ella N Mom

Well mama has been busy this summer I gave away my beautiful daugter who had the most gorgeous ceremony ever. It was a truly blessed day, all went so well. The days leading up to this event weren’t as stressful as some brides have it. We enjoyed each other’s company as we tackled final details. I must admit this dress was something out of fairy tale book, upon purchasing it brought the bride to tears. So girls when you find the right man everything else does fall  into place. We can certainly give a toast to love for this was the greatest display to be a part of. Her colors were teal and white and what a wonderful choice it was. I am so elated for my daughter and that I could share in her beautiful day! Wait I say wait for true love because it is possible no matter where you are, you never know your prince may be right around the corner from you. He will be the kind of man that isn’t intimidated by your past, he will be giving, patient and kind. He will have open arms for your family but most of all be what you need at the moment you meet him. My daughter is someone who loves the under dog, she gives people more chances than they deserve, and she is a beautiful talent who I am thrilled for as life brings her opportunities that she has been waiting for. God has blessed her to be renewed and I look forward to seeing the woman she is becoming. It is possible to have it all ladies!

Stay tuned for more highlights!

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Adjacent To!

mom in hatMom and IsisMom cover Pic

Looking to create some fab somewhere, what I do is take my simplistic pieces and add one outstanding main attraction. My style is all me and my girls, since they like to step out decked as well. I find that if you can do this just for self everyday you get up expecting something good. The sense of self is wonderful, add your style to it and you have a beginning recipe to go in any direction. This leads me to opportunities and doors that we seek to open or are open if we move forward towards it. What’s the next door, is it in proximity to you? Or what are you already hooked to that has an uncovered room? You ever feel like something was around the corner and the anticipation was killing you? Well that’s what’s going on in my neck of the woods. It’s easy to make a fashion post and give the basics. This time around I wanted to provide nuggets to you. Throw out some encouragement to personal styles, from clothes to conduct. For a little spice aim a bit past the ninety degree angle and maybe hit 180. The way we each do things all goes with how we clothe ourselves. It creates a movement that is personal just like a habit. I am examining my habits right now and going to throw in something like a twist. Fashion is an ever changing entity that can inspire so much. Your presentation only sheds and inkling of light as to some of the information about you or I. People certainly don’t get tired of fashion it has lived for many decades. Fashion will be here just like your way of doing things, and the great thing is you have the power to change both. Think just like you make your coffee in a special way so should you address the doors of life and make it your own special way by adding the right touches and amounts of layers to get it how you like it.

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thumbs up mom in pink dress affirmations

Well I must affirm the beauty in you today! As you get older you realize that life really is too short for foolishness and what you surround yourself with should be that which you love. If you look at all these picks I post you wouldn’t know of all the infirmity my body has endured over the years. My point to you is to LIVE joyous and don’t complain because you can overcome the things that land on your plate while sometimes others can not. Solutions are available individually selected by personal each case. I encourage you to be hopeful for better days do come as you choose an optimistic view. I know a reality can be hectic but I also know things do turn around. Thanks be to God above I am able to to make it through today!

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T-shirt Phases!

T-shirt Phases!

promo card with emailBest Model: MOM

lovely face mom in p-affirmations top

Mom is the biggest supporter of our tees. While she is working on getting her picture taken she is getting her style on. Her poses are to die for, I always ask her why she does that? her reply is always the same, ” girl you know I used to model”. Lucky for her cuteness goes a long way. Pictures are the keepers of moments just as memories are the internal picture. All this reminds me of the beginning of a journey. I would never have known unless I tried it. It being the idea. My journey is still going and I can’t wait to share my next pit stop of projects, words, new findings and opportunities. My best shared information is that my mom has been with me the whole time. She continues to be my best model as we are enter into new areas of discovery.

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Can she rock the QVC touch?

Can she rock the QVC touch?

If you can’t tell already she loves to model at any time. Here she is holding a piece from the ohCollection. She is holding a black and white cotton maze print clutch. You can find more of the cute creations on There you can appreciate the affordable prices and simple chic styles available to you. If you need help choosing one I am sure mama can help you choose one as she loves them all.

Mama’s own fashion top is a cute muted print of zigzags found at her favorite: Forever21. She is so tiny and dainty that she can wear almost anything. I say almost anything because somethings scream young gal but everything else can work in most wardrobes. Keep it fun and play with what you buy as you would an accessory. As we all know you won’t find investment items. You are sure to find impulse buys that will make your day. So to spruce up your wardrobe or your day get something that is fun, different, and cute! After all it’s fashion, every body wants rock that!

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Still At It!

DSC00974 DSC04210

The New Year has arrived and still going strong as we are upon the third month. So many things I want to do to make this year an exciting experience. I feel like playing in new areas or going on a trip somewhere absolutely gorgeous. I am grateful for so much and thankful I have come through so much. I can not wait for clear skies and that beautiful sun ray to beam on my face! Until then I am keeping myself busy with girly activities and hanging with my kids. They too are moving forward with life in an upward stride. My kids keep me going with all their activities and endeavors. I am happy to say I’m still at it with style and much sass!

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Clutch Promo

Clutch Promo

Model: Super Mom
A Gold Clutch made out of a Metallic Cotton fabric.
Check out: for photography portfolio
Mom is my sidekick, my friend, my supporter, and most of all my mom. She likes to test out different looks, stay hip, and take photos. She is forever young at heart but a major strong force. We have always shared the fashion bug before I got all deeply fashioned. I mean a part of the industry on the other side of retail. It has been quite an experience. Mom has been open to tag along an some times help at events and not only for myself but my sister who is involved in he fashion world as a model. Way to follow moms’ footsteps sis!

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